Unique Dumpling Flavors for the Food Obsessed

Inspired by our love for bite-sized food, we’re here to elevate and transform the traditional Chinese dumpling by creating unique flavors and sauce pairings that’ll blow your expectations out of the water!

We produce limited attendance, pop-up tasting events at various venues throughout South Florida, and then offer those flavors for purchase for a limited time. Keep checking back to see when our next event will be, or contact us to purchase this month’s offerings!

Cooking Classes

Gather a group of friends and we’ll take you through a dumpling-making session! We’ll work with you to create an event that suits your needs and comfort levels.

Pop-Up Pairings

Come to our pop-up wine pairings to discover complementary wine pairings for your favorite dumpling flavors. 

Make at Home

Contact us to purchase this month’s current dumpling offerings to make at home! We also offer Tasting-At-Home Packages for larger gatherings.